employee alignment case studies
Becoming a High ACE Organization
Energy Company
Growing the Value of the HR Function
Biotechnology Company
Optimizing the Workforce for Improved Business Performance
Quick Service Restaurant Group
Building and Executing a Winning Strategy for Growth
Medicare Administrative Contractor
Closing the Gap in Essential Leadership Capabilities
World Leader in Medical Technology and Devices
Boosting Talent Acquisition and Employee Retention
Pharmaceutical Company

See What Our Clients Have Said

“It is refreshing to find leaders who understand the connection between human capital management and business success. It does seem that unless leaders have an intuitive appreciation for this connection, it is difficult to convince them of its value. The work that Metrus Group is doing on verifying this connection and moving beyond just engagement should make the relationship even more obvious and also help create actionable strategies around driving business success.”

Vice President of HR
Global Pharmaceutical Company

“I want to thank you and your team personally for the extremely high level of customer service and professionalism you demonstrated with our most recent ACE survey. Our requests were demanding with regard to the turnaround of top line survey results and you exceeded our expectations. Not only did you deliver what was requested in the time frame desired, you gave us our full results weeks ahead of what we expected, answered all of our questions, and exhibited a professional attitude at all times. This level of service is rare and is very much appreciated.”

Senior HR Business Partner
Energy Company

“Metrus has the mix of a strong foundation of technical competence combined with a business-based, pragmatic approach that is unique in the consulting field. Whether through employee surveys, executive coaching, performance management, or employee retention, for over 15 years Metrus Group has provided innovative approaches, outstanding customer service, and actionable results that have helped our bottom line.”

Vice President, Organizational Capability
Johnson & Johnson

“We have been busy working on our HR Strategy with our Managing Committee. Yes, you heard correctly, with our C-suite team. It’s been an exciting change and the recognition of our greatest assets, our people, is fully realized! Your counsel and support over these years are much appreciated…you helped get us to where we are.”

Executive Vice President and Director of HR
Banking Services

“Metrus worked with us to build a strategy map and set of measures that eight years later continue to be key components of our strategic planning and day-to-day management of the organization. Metrus continues to support us by collecting the employee and customer data that is an integral part of our management process.”

Human Resource Director
Financial Services Firm