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    Inside Job

    From Quality Progress. Results of a research study that examines the relative importance of core deliverables and of service dimensions that drive internal value, focusing on four corporate functions that have stakeholders throughout the business: HR, Procurement, Finance and IT.

    Optimizing Human Capital: Moving Beyond Engagement

    From People & Strategy This article shares research on the impact of Alignment, Capabilities and Engagement (ACE) on important organizational outcomes, including higher financial performance, greater quality and lower employee turnover. Update to "People Equity: A New Paradigm."

    Internal Service and People Equity:
    Driving Business Performance
    From Quality Progress. Summarizes the findings from a recent research focusing on the relationship between internal customer service, people Equity and business performance.  Also examines the impact of tactics companies used to survive the recession on employee alignment, capabilities and engagement, as well as on internal service.
    Internal Customer Service: Avoid 3 Deadly Assumptions From Sale and Service Excellence. This article discusses the three deadly assumptions that can kill internal customer service and how to avoid them.
    Internal Service Quality: Has It Improved? From Quality Progress Compares service quality of 12 internal functions across more than 10 years. Improvements were seen, with a clear impact business performance, but more improvement is possible.

    Strategic Surveys: Linking People to Business Strategy From Getting Action from Organizational Surveys, Allan Kraut, ed. A detailed look at the development and implementation of a strategic survey — one intended to gather information that goes beyond satisfaction, or even engagement, to collect the information that will drive organizational action.

    Aligning Performance Management with Organizational Strategy, Values and Goals

    From Performance Management: Putting Research into Practice, Jim Smither, ed. This chapter address the strategic connection of performance management systems to organizational strategy and goals.

    HR Metrics A Metrus Group White Paper A strategic look at the development and use of human capital metrics.

    People Equity: A New Paradigm From Human Resource Planning The definitive description of People Equity, including why it is the critical dimension of organizational talent, how it is created and how it is measured.

    People Equity: What it Is and How to Build It From Executive Excellence Publications This collection of four brief articles presents an introductory look at the dimensions of People Equity, how to measure and improve them, and how they impact organizational performance.

    People Equity: The Hidden Driver of Quality From Quality Progress A look at the impact of the dimensions of People Equity — Alignment, and Engagement on the implementation of quality tools and processes in organizations. Better management of people and process leads to improved quality performance and improved financial performance!

    Managing Costs through Strategic Measurement A Metrus Group White Paper Taking a strategic look at how to manage costs — reducing expense without diminishing the future. Addressing the six key contributors to cost excesses.

    Measuring and Managing the ROI of Human Capital From Cost Management Identification of some of the most important human capital intangibles, including those related to customers, operations and finance, and discussion of ways in which they can be measured and managed.

    Creating the Measurement-Managed Organization From Handbook of Business Strategy Creating an organization in which measurement systems anticipate both threats and opportunities. A common, strategically-focused set of metrics, used by all employees, guides decisions and enables clear communication of results, leading to exceptional performance.

    Becoming Measurement Managed From Strategy & Leadership A summary of the approach taken by Monsanto’s CFO, to create a strategic scorecard for his organization. How they used metrics to maintain focus and achieve results during a time of significant organizational change.

    Ten Myths of Managing a Merger From Across the Board Why half of all corporate mergers fall short of expectations and how to ensure successful merger integration.

    Organizational Change Starts with a Strategic Focus From Journal of Business Strategy. Identifies the 12 attributes that are essential for survival and growth and how managers can become more effective change leaders.
    The Human Side
    (of M&A)
    From The Daily Deal. Defines and discusses the need for effective cultural due diligence in setting the stage for successful M&A transactions.
    Organizational Change: Lessons From a Turnaround From Management Review Focusing and aligning the key elements of corporate strategy, and implementing to achieve a significant turn-around in a company struggling in a very competitive environment. Includes a case example from one division of a major pharmaceutical company.

    Crisis in the Boardroom and the Measurement Solution From Cost Management Much of the crisis of confidence in corporate governance could have been avoided through more effective and strategic use of information. This article shows how boards can better measure their effectiveness and what leaders can do to immediately close performance gaps and regain investor confidence.

    The Seven Greatest Myths of Measurement From the American Management Association Magazine A summary of the greatest misunderstandings that impair senior management's effective use of measurement, that will change your ideas about measurement and balanced scorecards.

    Measurement: The Missing Ingredient in Today’s CRM Strategies From Journal of Cost Management CRM is a critical area of focus for companies wanting to improve their ability to manage and grow customer relationships. CRM initiatives are far more effective when launched within a strategic framework, as described in this article.

    Measuring People and Performance: Closing the Gaps From Quality Progress Quality Progress and Metrus Group conducted a study of over 800 companies that indicates a relationship between use of people metrics and return on assets. Also shows use of these metrics to predict customer outcomes.

    From Balanced Scorecard to Strategic Gauges: Is Measurement Worth It? From Management Review National survey of 203 large and small companies showed the higher performance of measurement-managed companies, and how they did it.

    From Crunching Numbers to Counting Human Capital From Financial Executive.This article explains how CFOs and Finance Leaders can play an important role in collaborating with HR to develop better ways to measure and manage the value of an organization.

    Global Employment Law Compliance Complex differences can cause headaches for even seasoned in-house counsel. By Stephen J. Hirschfield and Ginger D. Schroeder.

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