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Talent Management / People Equity (ACE)

  NEW! The Rise of HR
  Optimizing Human Capital: Moving Beyond Engagement
  From Talent Management to Talent Optimization
  People Equity: A New Paradigm for Measuring and Managing Human Capital
  People Equity: What It Is and How to Build It
  People Equity: The Hidden Driver of Quality
  Internal Service and People Equity: Driving Business Performance
  Happier Employees + Happier Customers
= More Profit
  Three Crucial Ingredients for Success: Agile Alignment, Customer-Driven Priorities, and People Equity
 Measuring and Managing the ROI of Human Capital


Internal Value / Internal Service / Functional Excellence

  Inside Job
  Reversing Course? Survey Sheds Light on Pitfalls of Outsourcing
  Internal Service and People Equity: Driving Business Performance
  Internal Service Quality: Has It Improved?
  Internal Customer Service: Avoid Three Deadly Assumptions
  Functional Lean: A New Approach for Optimizing Internal Service Function Value

Strategic Measurement and Scorecards

  The Nature of Strategic Measures
  HR Metrics: Myths, Best Practices and Practical Tips
  Creating the Measurement-Managed Organization

Strategic Surveys

  Strategic Surveys: Linking People to Business Strategy

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