strategic surveys

The Metrus Group approach uses our proven strategic survey framework and is customized to meet the needs of your business, your workforce and your strategic plan. It will reveal strengths to build upon as well as the drivers of issues and challenges which must be addressed in order to sustain and grow your organization’s value.

Metrus Group surveys are designed to aid you in…

  • Measuring and managing workforce effectiveness, service quality and customer satisfaction
  • Extracting crucial information from your workforce that will enable you to make strategic business decisions
  • Analyzing and identifying key issues for action that leads to targeted solutions for improved employee engagement, performance, customer satisfaction and sustainable growth

Strategic Employee Engagement Surveys

Metrus Group diagnostics include:

  • A core focus on strategic alignment, critical capabilities and engagement
  • Survey analytics that connect people issues with business outcomes such as financial performance, retention, customer satisfaction and productivity
  • A roadmap for focused follow-up and action

Explore our suite of surveys and see how Metrus Group can help your organization unleash talent for optimal performance!

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